August 15, 1998
What a day!!! What a night!!!What a blast!!!
Well, we made it back WOW

Where do I start ? ok, well first  I wanna say that on our drive poored so hard we had to pull over a few time SO when you look at the pictures and our hair is real bad shape...THE RAIN!!!!!

We got to Havelock, and as we turned to enter the gates...the Mavs bus was just ahead of us so we fallowed them in {of course} but then they went one way.....we went the other.
After signing in, we made it to the back....there was no one around..all were in the bus I guess so we were decided to make our way out to get a spot in the crowd. {this show was outdoors so you either had to stand or people brought their lawn chairs. There was people ALL OVER!!!!!! Thousands!
We really couldnt see a thing we were so far back, so with time to kill....we went  backstage again. BUT THEN!!
This really kewl security guard told us there was room at the front of the stage....{ I thought YIKES with all them people we are gonna get crushed for sure, we had brought Roxanna{4years old daughter} so we thought no way!!}
But I left Jon and Roxanna standing there and I went to look.

Well....between the crowd and the stage there was an alley about 4 feet wide for the camera men to move around and stuff, and that is where we ended up!!!!
Roxanna was hanging off the stage.....she didnt think much of it until they came out.
The first few keys of Dance the Night away was all it took.........she clapped and sang the whole time.

The guys were in great shape. First set was mostly Trampoline {Dance The Night Away, Someone Should Tell Her } but no Dream River solo :0(
They also did alot of older stuff......
From Hell to Paradise/ Guantanamera , I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore ,  It's So Unusual {and I forgot to bring and extra pair of undies}, El Mucura
and !!!! I am soooo glad they did this one ... Roxanna went nuts! I think Raul had competition on this one, she was singing sooo loud !! Can you guess?? The Lion Sleeps Tonight :0)

At one point during the concert, Raul stole Scottie's trumpet and "tried" to play it, it was a real hoot. The sad Volver :0(

After the concert... we got Paul's sticks for Roxanna {ya ok...they were for me...but now she wont let me touch them!}
We had brought treats for the baby Mavericks so Roxanna played Santa Claus. Got some snapshots with Raul { I STEPPED ON HIS TOES !! } lucky for me he laughed !
Also got to chat with Paul {friendly as ever}
And Nick as well as Robert
A great bunch of guys!!! Thanks for another exciting evening.....Can't wait till the next.

I should have pictures up tomorow night or Tuesday......Come back and see!!

Carole Trask