Havelock, Ontario Canada August 15 1998
OK Guys......here are the photos
ok noooooo laughing !! That's me and Roxanna with Robert 
Here we are with Paul {roxanna and her drum stix hehe} 
Here we are with Mr International Love Machine..Raul :0) 
Raul......playing the trumpet and Paul laughing
If you look closely...Scottie is bent over laughing..in the corner 
Robert and Paul

Here is Jamie with the new hair do!!
Looks very nice I might add!!

I picked this picture because I thought
Raul just looked so KEWL  
Here is Nick.....and the Havana 
And again, here is Robert
Hope you liked them......They sure brought back memories!!!!
And you can be sure I will have quite a few blown up :0)~