~~~~~~~ A NOTE FROM PAUL ~~~~~~~

    "Dear friends and fans and fritter flinging fargonians. . . o.k. that  last group may be a little too specific. . let's  just say friends,

    Just a quick note to let you know  wahsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. ( i love that commercial ) well. . . as you may  have noticed the mavs have had some down time. this seems to be the rhythm in which we work best. record  and tour for a couple of years . . . then take time to breathe . . . regroup and do it again. this break has been
    fruitful. As i'm sure you know, babies are once again the theme. Raul and Betty have had yet another beautiful  boy,Max. . that makes 3. . . i wonder . . .do martinis give off a y chromosome?

    Any way look for the new sitcom starring the Malo family. . . i'm told it will be a cross between "I love Lucy"  and "my three sons".  just think of Desi Arnez in Fred Macmurry's role. . . and Nick as uncle Charlie.  And  while we're talking about y chromosomes . . .

    Tracy and i are soon to be the parents of, according to the ultra sound, a baby boy. Look for the new release   scheduled for a street date of june 2nd. . .under the title "Vaughn Bidochka-Deakin". This is the working title for the project and if it sticks will most likely be found in the classical section. . . and  when he grows up max malo will probably kick his ass. seriously, tracy and i are overjoyed.

    As we usually do, we all have been busy with our personal music endeavors Raul has been busy working on the anxiously awaited spanish speaking project as well as ,i'm told, all kinds of  new ideas. . .He has recently set up a secret laboratory somewhere in the deep woods of forest hills. i can't wait to hear it but i'm not going near there on a full moon.

    Nick has been playing around, and with the supporting role in "mi tres bambino's macho" he has been very  busy.

    I've done a few gigs and a video with David Mead. . .and if you don't have the record yet. . .you should. it's  called "the luxury of time" on rca records. and with Robert, have been making some music with a couple of half-wits called kevin Montgomery and Pettibone... that's Doug Pettibone . . . He's been touring in Jewel's band for the last couple of year's and apparently it's gone to his head and he rather pretentiously dropped his
    first name. . . only i think your supposed to drop your last name. . . but then it would just be . . . . . Doug.   . . ladies and gentlemen . . .KEVIN MONTGOMERY AND DOUG!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . no . . . i guess he's got it right. anywayyyyyyyyyyy, they also have a great cd out available on the internet only @ mp3.com. check it out.

    I'm sure you've heard from Robert, but he has been writing, doing Swag recordings and gigs, doing more music for children's videos and i'm sure some things that he hasn't told his best friend about. . . . I think the only reason he asked me to do the kevin montgomery and Doug gig was because his bitch drummer Ken Coomer from WILCO was out on the road. . . at any rate, all this outside fun stuff is what i believe makes the mavs fresh when we get back to doing what we  do.  Having fun.

    Lastly and I guess primarily I want to put a note out about some upcoming surgery i will be having.  I know word has started to get out and I don't want anyone to worry from speculation.
    On april 12 th (most likely, this could change possibly)  I will undergo open heart surgery to replace my aortic  valve and a section of my aorta this is a result of being born with a bicuspid, instead of a tricuspid, valve.  I had  surgery when i was 4 that corrected a co-arc and it was then they discovered the defect.

    I have known all my life that someday i would have to have this done and that day has come. There is risk but the odds are greatly in my favor, and to help the odds i am traveling to cleveland which has the #1 cardio-thorasic hospital in the u.s. this will put me out of action as far as drumming goes for about 8 weeks.
    Robert will be going with me and will let everyone know the outcome as soon as he knows.

    I'm sure i'll be fine, but whatever the outcome, know that you all have been part of making these last ten years a dream that most do not get to experience. For that and the kind thoughts and prayers you may send my way on april 12 th,  I will always be grateful. . . well . . . now you know why my favorite song has been "this broken  heart".  I  crack myself up sometimes."
                                                                                   Love,    Paul