Royal Albert Hall 16 September 98.
By Pat Healey 
Hi Everyone!

Well last night was a night to remember when the Royal Albert Hall was

The Royal Albert Hall is a old building in a round shape with a domed
top beautifully ornate as befits Victorian style, named after Prince
Albert Queen Victoria's consort.
Inside it has round corridors going up from the basement through the
Grand Tier to the Circle which is where I was sitting.  The Grand Tier
has boxes going all around with curtained off areas for eating and
drinking all in red velveteen.

I have seen the Last Night at the Proms at this beautiful old building
and thought that was great but never never have I seen an audience quite
like last nights with the Mavericks. It was like looking at a sea of
heaving  gyrating people!  The place was packed and everything was
moving to this wonderful Maverick beat. The Mavs shifted the pace up
some gears and the people responded.  The guys were very happy
especially Raul who was in incredible voice.  The guys played very
tight, some lovely guitar licks from Nick.
Robert's bass was hot hot hot.  Paul's drumming was superb
The Havana Horns were wonderful and Jaime Hanna was in good rhythm!

The set list as I vaguely remember

Tell Me Why
I Should Know
I Should Have Been True
Save A Prayer (which Raul dedicated to Clinton) LOL
I Hope You Want Me Too
O What A Crying Shame
Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down

Some banter back and forth between Raul and Robert
Raul saying 'your awfully quiet over there tonight, are you nervous?'
Robert replying 'I don't know, I think I'm nervous - are you nervous?'
Raul - Me nervous, no I'm not nervous 'I'm big time'!
He said he was so happy to be playing the Royal Albert Hall.
Raul also thanked us (the audience) for making 'Dance The Night Away'
such a big success for them over here.

Lots of flowers were being thrown on to the stage, Raul picked them all
up and put them on the side for later.

Second Half

Raul came back on his own to do the acoustic section of the show. He
said the guys wanted to know how many he was going to do, Raul thought
they could sneak some beers in here.

Dream River
Fool #1
Moon River (which was my absolute favorite of the night - what a voice)
(Raul said he would probably screw up on this one but he didn't it was
Blue Moon (the guys came out to join him)
>From Hell To Paradise/Guatenamara
La Mucara
The Lion Sleeps Tonight/Wim a Way (again what a voice)
Lonely Is A Man Without Love  (hmm  glad he knew the words to this one
because we stole them off the stage at Warwick in April)
There Goes My Heart
The Things You Said To Me
Its Not Unusual (things thrown)
Dance The Night Away (the place erupted - long number and the crowd were
going wild, everyone just knows this song and were singing and dancing
along with Raul)
All You Every Do Is Bring Me Down (again long rendition people going way
over the top by now).

Finally its the end of the show and everyone is very tired and hot but
still disappointed the show has come to an end. The clapping continues
and the feet drumming on the floor but the plugs have been pulled for
the last time and the Mavs have gone.

Alan and I made our way to Door #1 where we knew the guys would be
coming out. This was at about 10.30.  Kozzey and Shree plus sister were
there so we all got together to wait for the guys.  They finally came
out at 12.00midnight boy it was cold.  All of them came out Paul first
with Tracey (very nice)  then Jerry Dale with his girlfriend (she is
lovely) then Nick and Raul (I could not believe it) and lastly Robert
with I think grandma Mildred.

I managed to get the guys autographs and some photos, one with Raul.  I
said to Raul 'the show was incredible tonight and your singing was the
best ever' he looked at me and said slowly 'thanks'.  Shree said he
singing was always good and I said 'oh yes but tonight was the best
ever'  and then I said 'I want a hug'!  Well he looked at me and gave me
the biggest hug, hmmmm oh boy! Was he in a good mood yes yes yes.

Robert came out and we chatted I got another hug and a kiss (wunnerful)
and then out should come Krystia with her friend we gave each other a
look and then both together exploded into each others arms.  I met this
girl at Warwick and we had ourselves a whale of a time (didn't we
Krystia - see you it Sheffield girl! Also friend, sorry didn't catch the
name at Birmingham). Robert was gobsmacked by all this it happened so
quickly whilst I was talking to him, sorry Robert.

Big thank you to Kozzey, Shree and sis for being so nice to us glad we
met up again.  Boy you make the nicest friends at the Mavs dos!

Hope you made it home ok we finally got back to the hotel and flaked

Well I have gone from nothing to over the top so I had better shut up
now and go.

See ya.