Oct / Nov 2000
Hi Everyone!! It has been a while! A special treat in  this newsletter. Scotty Huff (a la havana horns) was kind enough to grant us an interview...Great stuff, a big thanks to him. Also a questions and answers that Robert did for the fans, (how nice was that of him!) . Hope everyone had a fabulous summer..Stay tuned to the remodeling team website for a new contest , hopefully i will have it up this week or next. ENJOY!!


An interview with Havana Horns'
Scotty Huff

Thanks Scotty!!

Q: You’ve been performing with the Mavericks since January 1998. Tell us how that came about.

A: When I moved to Nashville, one of the few contacts I had was a sax player by the name of Jeff Coffin (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones). I had met Jeff in Maine, and once I was here, he got a chance to hear me play and helped me get some work. That summer, 1997, Trampoline was recorded and Jeff played on the album. When The Mavericks decided to take a horn section on the road, Jeff was asked who he would recommend and he gave them my name. I, in the meantime, talked with Dick Foust and Tom McGinley and decided to approach The Mavericks as a section. We found Matt Nygren at the last minute. He was even newer in town than I was. Soon thereafter, we auditioned for the band. The rest, as they say, is history.

Q: What made you decide to move from Maine to Nashville? Is the music scene in Nashville very different?

A: It's certainly very different from Maine. There is a lot of good music and wonderful musicians in Maine, but it's pretty much a rural and remote part of the country. There's not a lot going on there in terms of the "Recording Industry". I knew I needed to be in a major music town but the thought of living in New York or Los Angeles scared the heck out of me. After all, I'm from a very small town. Besides, I really wanted to pursue my singing and songwriting. I just had a feeling that Nashville would give me as many opportunities as any of the big cities.

Q: How old were you when you played your first instrument? What was it?

A: Let me see... I was 6 years old when I told my dad I wanted to play the drums. He got me a pair of sticks and a practice pad and started teaching me. But I was really too young at that point. My father is a trumpet player, so when I turned 9, I decided wanted to play the trumpet like my dad. So I consider the trumpet my first instrument. I started playing the guitar when I was 11.

Q: How about your first songwriting attempt?

A: Once I started playing the guitar, the songwriting started almost immediately. I can still remember some of those first songs. Whew! Pretty silly. And no, I won't sing them for you. :-)

Q: So you're a trumpet player, guitar player, singer, songwriter, and an arranger. Which do you prefer?

A: That's a tough question. I mean, I call myself a musician. But I guess that's too broad for most people. I don't think of each thing separately. They all make up who I am as a musician. I've been focusing on the singing/ songwriting lately because that feels to me, at least at this point in my career, to be my most creative activity. It's the one area of my life that I feel hasn't blossomed yet. I've done a lot as a trumpet player. I've done a lot as an arranger. It's time for the rest of me to accomplish something.

Q: You’ve performed on a few tracks for other artists: David Mead’s "World of a King", and K T Oslin’s "Mexico Road" come to mind…which others are there? Are there any future sessions in the pipeline that you can tell us about?

A: Well, there are a couple more K.T. Oslin tracks still to be recorded, and the SWAG guys kept me busy on their "Different Girls" EP and "Catchall" CD. Other than that, my recording credits are limited to various songwriting demos and independent artist projects. But, there will be a Scotty Huff project soon!

Q: You co-wrote and sang "Different Girl", which appears on SWAG's EP "Different Girls" (and which will shortly be released on "Catchall"). Three of the four songs on the EP are co-written by you - how was it decided who would sing lead vocal on which track?

A: SWAG is really a collaborative effort. It's even hard to track who's actually in the band or not in the band at any given time. I co-wrote "Different Girl", "Lone", and "Louise" with Robert and Jerry Dale while on tour with the Mavericks. When it came time to record them, I merely came to the sessions as an observer. But right away, the guys had me singing, playing guitar, trumpet, keyboards, and even the glockenspiel. And, since there were 4 songs and 4 singers, we all took a turn. I told them I wanted to take a shot at "Different Girl" and they liked the idea.

Q: What’s life like when you’re not touring with the Mavericks?

A: Interesting question. Reading this question, I feel compelled to say that life is great for me on or off the road. I'm one of those "the glass is half full" guys. But I'm truly happy when I'm with my beautiful bride, Amanda. (I know, I'm such a schmaltz!) It would be easier to stay on the road longer if I could always take her with me. I certainly have more time to write when I'm off the road. Which is good. I also love to work around the house. I'm quite the handy man.

Q: Do you have any plans to record a CD of your own?

A: Absolutely!!! I am excited and eager to put something out. I basically need two things before I can start. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to choosing songs. I want to make sure I've got the best songs before I record them. I still have a few that are unfinished so I need to get those done. The second (which is really the first) is the financial part. (Send your charitable contribution to... ) But hopefully I'll be getting into the studio this fall if not the first of next year.

Q: The Havana Horns section now only consists of yourself and Doug Bernstein. Are there any plans for recruiting replacements for Dick and Matt?

A: That will all depend on what The Mavericks do. The shows we did with The Dave Matthews Band sounded great. It was a little strange not having Dick and Matt around, but truthfully, the music didn't suffer. I guess you could say it's another new era of The Mavericks. Raul, Robert and Paul all seemed to love the sound. It was refreshing to me too. It's really the best of both worlds. It keeps the punch and vibe of a horn section, without totally covering up the original sound of the band. I like that. I do want to say, on behalf of the Havana Horns, including all members past and present, that we have had a WONDERFUL time with the Mavericks and with all of the fans in all of the places we've played. The fans were so gracious to accept us the way they did. And because of that, these past 3 years will surely be some of the most unforgettable times in our careers. Thank you for that. And I'm looking forward what the future holds for the Mavericks. I think it'll be great no matter what they do.

Q: What would you like to be doing in ten years’ time?

A: I'd like to be doing just what I'm doing now... only maybe in a bigger house... on the lake... maybe travel more... and have a second home on the coast of Maine... a third in the UK... Seriously though, I love all of the different things I do. I, of course, can see myself having a career as an artist with my own band and my own tours, etc. But I'd still like to be involved with The Mavericks. I'd still want to be doing the children’s music with Robert. And I'd still want to be involved in the Nashville music scene as a writer and a musician. What makes this line of work less like work is its inherent variety. It's the nature of the business to be confronted with a multitude of opportunities that throw you into every direction creatively. I can't imagine doing anything else. But then again, 10 years ago I'm sure I couldn't have imagined doing half of the things I've done already. I guess I'll just take it as it comes. As Robert says, "It's ALL good."


Kevin, Pat,
Robert and Paul
in the UK




Robert and Paul recently toured the UK as the rhythm section of Kevin Montgomery’s band, (temporarily rejoicing in the name “Pettibone”), which included Pat Buchanan as lead guitarist.  Support was from Jeff Finlin, who also made further  musical contributions with the band later in their set.

The tour lasted two weeks (28 Aug-9 Sept 2000)  starting with the Summer Nights in the Country  Festival at Hopetoun House, nr Edinburgh, Scotland,  and ended in Preston, England.  They did make a slight departure from the tour  arrangements on 7 September by travelling from  Manchester to London to play for Sir Paul McCartney at his Buddy Holly Party at the Mermaid Theatre in

The tour received excellent reviews in the country  music press, not surprisingly.   Here are a few extracts

“…After another few numbers, the night generated into a massive jam session with the vocals of Robert Reynolds much to the fore with the show coming to an end with an encore of a rocking version of  Tom Petty’s “American Girl”….”

Ken Birkinshaw, Country Music Roundup, 
October 2000

“…But first we had the youthful-looking Kevin Montgomery and his band Pettibone (without Doug Pettibone who was out on the road with Tracy Chapman, we had Idle Jets’ guitarist, Pat Buchanan) – featuring The Mavericks’ Paul Deakin and Robert Reynolds.
And didn’t they let their class show.   Montgomery winning over the fans as
the sun tried to make a belated appearance – not only had a classy set of guys supporting him and his songs, but former band member Jeff Finlin adding guitar and singing a song of his own.   A John Prine/Guy Clark-type affair titled “Sunday’s Forgivin’”….”

Maurice Hope, Country Music Roundup,
October 2000

“…Throughout the whole show, which at times bordered strongly on southern rock, we were treated to some expert musicianship, none more so than the perfect beat and rhythm of Paul Deakin, plus some amazing guitar licks from Buchanan…”

David Knowles, Country Music International,
October 2000

“…The support from Reynolds, Deakin and Buchanan played a major role in making this a memorable evening.   Raunchy when the song demanded it, soulful when this was called for, they were tight throughout.   At the end of the set, when the audience called for an encore, Reynolds let rip with a belting "Cajun Song" before driving into the equally rhythmic "American Girl", which, in turn, became a boisterous "Not Fade Away"…”

Al Moir, Country Music People, 
October 2000

“…  An encore was demanded and we sure got our money's worth on this.   They started with "The Cajun Song" and then Jeff gave us "Loving Cup", Robert gave us a Tom Petty song "American Girl" - some super guitar work from Pat on this one.  Then a very animated Robert went into the Stones' "Not Fade Away"! 
 Finally it was left for Kevin to finish with a song from his first album, "Fear Nothing". This brought great applause…”

“…Although Kevin's normal partner Doug Pettibone wasn't with him, the other three gelled well with Kevin.   I can honestly say that I was privileged to witness a show straight out of the top drawer tonight.

Kevin did intimate that he could be doing something with Robert and Paul next year, depending on what the Mavericks do…”

Mary Arnold, Country Music and More, 
October 2000


Paul and Robert


TShirt anyone?



"An Interview With
By The Fans"

Special Thanks To Lynne and Robert

Submitted by Nicholas, North Riverside, Illinois

Q.  My first question relates to the lack of support from country music television and country radio in general.  I hardly see your videos on television and when I call my local country station, they basically laugh at me.   What's your response on this? 

A:  Nicholas, that's been one of the big problems with the Mavericks and country radio.  We are not a perfect fit for their programming, they have their own agenda and we don't necessarily factor in.  We hope to solve the problem by going to a label in NY or LA and promoting the band as an American music act.  And it may require that you tune into different stations in order to hear us at some point in the future.  It may require tuning into an 
Americana station, it may require buying the records and not expecting much from radio.  With the nature of radio changing, it may not be long before every house is outfitted with satellite-type radio.  At that point, you will probably see, as I have, a lot more Mavericks music programmed within those stations.

Q.   Why the lack of push from your labels?  Why won't they support you?  Does this mean that the Mavericks are splitting up? Or does this mean you guys will release something independently, a la the first Mavs release?

A:   We won't necessarily go independent.   We'll look to find a label that understands us a little better than the labels we've had in the past couple of years.  We had a great run of things with MCA during the mid-90's, so I can't say we lacked support from them completely.  It's just that sometimes within labels you have certain key people who are supporters of an act and get a lot done.  If they leave the label, the nature of your relationship with the label can change.  So I really think that what we're looking for is a label that is supportive.  It most likely will not be a Nashville-based label.  And none of this means that the band is splitting up.   Labels don't really control the inner workings of our partnership. 

Q.  My last request has to deal with Mavericks acoustic recordings and live recordings.  Especially your Royal Albert Hall Concerts.  How can I obtain recordings such as this? 

A:  Regarding bootlegs, I like them personally.   I think live recordings done by fans for the most part have very little to do with cutting into sales of your studio recorded albums.  For example, I think it's great the way Grateful Dead fans have exchanged live concert recordings over the years.  The bootlegging of studio albums to me is an absolute no-no.  It's obviously illegal and it does very directly affect the way a band makes its living.  But as far as trading live tapes, I rather fancy it myself and I know they exist.  So I know they're out there.  Find fellow fans that have those kind of recordings and trade and enjoy.

(closing comment)  And if you are ever in Chicago, look my wife and I up.  She is a Mavericks convert and she will cook you guys the best Italian dinner you ever had. 

Robert's Reply:  Nicholas, I LOVE Italian…so be careful what you wish for!

Submitted by Fiona from Scotland

Q.  On a day when you're not working what is your favourite way to chill out?

A:   Fiona, I don't know how I lived for seven years without a pool. 
There's nothing like being in the water.  As I answer this question, I'm in the pool and that perhaps answers the question best.  A literal chilling out.

Submitted by Jason & Russ

Q:  We were wondering if you were ever going to make it out towards the Western United States...specifically Colorado.  Any tour dates in the near future out here? 

A:   Jason and Russ, we love Colorado and we've always loved playing Colorado.  As for upcoming dates, we have nothing booked right now until we sort out some record company business, and just hope that Colorado will be on the first of those tour dates that we do plan.

Submitted by Mary Lou from Connecticut 

 Q:    In what musical direction (style) would you like to go with your next album/record, and when will you & the guys start working on it?  Is there a chance you would include more vocals for yourself?

A:  Mary Lou, I wouldn't mind personally a "part two" to TRAMPOLINE --another effort in that sort of direction would work well for me.  I am open to experimenting more with horns or other unusual instrumentation. Whatever record label we end up signing with, I would like that they be more understanding of our eagerness to experiment musically.
Regarding my singing, the Mavericks I think are primarily known for having Raul as the lead singer, with his voice being the consistent element of the Mavericks' sound.  I'm not at all at odds with that.  It's really hard to compare much of anything to Raul's voice; it's really a special voice. I know for a fact that I'm working with one of the best singers in the business, and that's a great thing.  As for me doing singing and stuff like that, that's why I have bands like SWAG and side projects like I'm doing with Kevin 
Montgomery.   That's why they serve such a great purpose.  I have the best of both worlds. 

Submitted by Kelly 

Q:   What made you decide that you wanted a career in the music business?

A:    Well, jokingly I can say because I didn't think I could do anything else as well.  But I guess the truth is some people just know that they're going to do some form of entertaining from a very young age.  I think my folks knew immediately that I wanted to entertain because I was doing it since I was young.  As far as music goes, by the time I was a teenager I was playing a little guitar and thinking, "wouldn't it be the life to be one of the Beatles or something?"  So it went from there.  I would hope that if I weren't in music, I would be doing something with commercial art or graphic 

Q:  Also I just want to know, do you write with your left or right hand? 

A:   I write with my left hand.

Submitted by Lisa

Q:  When are The Mavericks coming back to the UK? 

A:  As for the Mavericks getting back to the UK, like anything else Maverick related, it's going to depend very much on a record deal and a new album.  But contrary to speculation, even if we take an extended break, it doesn't mean that we're breaking up.   For us, the time off is important.   There's the odd chance of course that something would come up and we'd be back in England on some kind of specialty tour.  But there's nothing on the books.

Q:  How is Paul?

A:  Paul is fine,  Paul's great.  He played really well at the Gorge [opening for the Dave Matthews Band].  He's in great shape.

No Name was submitted with the following questions:

Q:  Do you plan on touring anytime soon with/without the mavericks?

A:    I plan on touring with Kevin Montgomery in the UK in August/September, which is very important to me.  We would like to do something similar in the US, if we can get some interest.  I've just heard from a friend who works with me in SWAG, and he's talking about going to Spain sometime in the first part of the new year.  So, I will be out playing, both with and without The 
Mavericks, and hopefully, we'll see the Mavericks again soon.

Q:  What happened to Jerry Dale McFadden? 

A:   Well, Jerry Dale has been touring and recording with Sixpence None The Richer, and he's still very much a part of the SWAG lineup.  We've just finished an album together, and we hope that within a week or two we'll finish the actual signing of a record deal.  He was obviously one of the very special members of The Mavericks, and will not really be replaced, not for his contribution.  There may always be a piano player, but I think Jerry Dale did what only Jerry Dale can do.

Q:  Which label will the Mavericks be signing with next? 

A:  That's a great mystery, and if you have any ideas, let me know!

Submitted by Karen

Q:  This is actually more of a request but I wonder if The Mavericks can do a show in San Francisco during their next tour. 

 A:  Karen,  I don't always have control over where we do our shows.  The Mavericks love San Francisco.  We've played the Great American Music Hall, we've played the Filmore, and we've played Concord Pavillion outside the city.  So I think there's a greater chance than not that we will play San Francisco on our next tour because it is a favorite city.  I expect we will be back in San Fran, so don't worry!

Submitted by Michelle & Rob

 Q:  Robert, we read that you like backpacking.  Have you done this in the UK and if so what were your favourite walks?  Have you seen the Yorkshire Dales?

A:  Michelle & Rob, my backpacking usually consists of going city to city.  I haven't done any of the walks per se.  I would like to do the West Highland Way in Scotland.  Most of my backpacking trips have been more city to city throughout the UK & Europe, trains and ferries and so forth.   It's not as much a nature-type, hiking kind of backpacking, but a more city to city sort of thing.

Submitted by Saskia 

Q:   Do you like horses and have you ever ridden on a Western Ranch?  - It sounds like fun and I want to do it!!

A:  Saskia, I do love horses.  I once owned a couple of horses.  I don’t consider myself a very developed rider.  I didn’t have any training per se.  But I do love horses and it's something I'd like to do again in my life.  Yes, I've ridden on a ranch in Montana once.  It was quite nice.

Submitted by Jacky

Q:  I understand you are artistically talented. When you have time to paint or draw, what would you say is your favourite medium to work with -watercolour, pastel, etc? And what are your favourite subjects to study?

A:  Jacky, my favorite up to now is water colors, pen & ink, that kind of thing.  But I have this burning desire to try something like oils or acrylic and I think I'll do it eventually, maybe during this time off.

Submitted by Diane

Q:  I love the Mavericks.  Are they coming out with new records soon? 

A:   Diane, The Mavericks are on an extended break.  The first new music you will hear will most likely be a variety of solo projects, but we'll keep you posted.

Submitted by Rachel

Q:  Is it true that you and your bandmates are breaking up?

A:  Rachel, It seems like every time we take a break someone turns it into breaking up.  The Mavericks are still together and just taking a little time off.

Submitted From Lowerstoke, Coventry (no name given)

Q:  Are there any future dates for concerts in the UK at the NEC or NIA? I missed you when you were here last time.

A:  There are no dates scheduled for the UK at this time.  As it now stands, the next tour would follow the recording of a new album.  Stay tuned!

Submitted by Shaz

Q:  I'm a big fan of the Mavericks and of Ethan Allen & was wondering if you could tell me any more about your clip on the Mavs message board - I would be very grateful with anything you could fill me in with.

A:   Shaz, Ethan and the Mavericks have been friends now for several years.  Raul has been helping Ethan with his current album project.

Submitted by Amanda

Q:   I'd like to know how he got sooooooooo darn cute.  Plus if he knew anyone who was willing to give me a record contract.  I thought that when watching him play he had the guitar strap on his right shoulder, but he's playing right-handed bass even though he is left-handed.  Doesn't that make it that much more difficult?

A:  Amanda, flattery will get you everywhere and get your questions answered.  As for playing right-handed, I guess I'm a strange bird.  I write left handed and eat left handed, but I throw right handed, and God forbid I should have to hit somebody, I'd do that right handed as well.  I think they call this "confused."

Submitted by Tracey

Q:  Are there any plans for the Mavericks to be touring the UK, visiting Birmingham especially?

A:  Tracey, there are no Maverick plans for the UK at this time, but as you may know, Paul and I will be touring there August 26 through September 11 with Kevin Montgomery.

Submitted by Maria, Long Beach, CA

Q:  So glad you are getting more involved with the US Fan Club.  I tried to join in February of 2000 and sent in my check # 6665 in the amount of $12.00 but it has never been cashed.  I would very much like to join the fan club.
Shall I send a new check and stop payment on the other one or what?  Please let me know.

A:  Maria, before you stop payment on the check, please allow me to look into the matter.  Email me in care of, so that I might be able to respond.

Submitted by Susan

Q:  I am going to see you and Paul when you are with Kevin Montgomery at the Borderline in London. Are you going to perform some of your own work or will you just be backing Kevin?

A:  Susan, we will mostly be doing songs from Kevin's current album, sprinkled with a few collective favorites that might include a song of two of my own.

Q:  I know the Mavericks aren't working much this year but I am visitingNashville in the middle of November and was wondering if as individuals you will be performing in Nashville at that time.

A:   It is very possible that one or all of us will be doing something in Nashville this November. Check with the fan club before you travel.

Q:  Lastly, I know it is early days but will the Mavericks be touring England again next year?

A: There are no plans at this time for a 2001 tour of the UK with the Mavericks.

Submitted by Laura

Q:  Please ask Robert when he'll be playing in Nashville next...whether with The Mavericks or another band...aside from Aug. 13 with Kevin Montgomery.

A:  Laura, I hope to be playing some time this fall with both SWAG and/or Kevin Montgomery; however, there are no dates scheduled at this time.

Submitted by Laura

I've got a question for you to ask Robert.  Who are some of his favorite bands?  Local & national.

A:  Laura, a few of my favorite bands:  the Jayhawks, Wilco, Ron Sexsmith, a Nashville artist by the name of Jason White, and my all-time favorite, The Beatles.

Submitted by Lynn

Q:  How has writing/performing children's music (meaning for children's films) affected your songwriting in the "traditional" sense? (are you willing to take more chances, have you gotten more experimental with your approach to your traditional songwriting methods, etc.)? 

A:  Lynn, this is a kind of chicken before the egg question - I'm not sure if  writing children's songs affects my "traditional" writing or the other way around.  Either way, the end result should be similar - a memorable song.  I will say, the children projects are extremely fun to approach.

Q:  I'd also like to know how your grandmother is.  She was such a delight when we met her at Foxwoods back in 1998.   Is she doing well these days? 

A:  As for my grandmother, she is as delightful as ever.  I've been visiting her roughly once a month and she's quite a handful.

Submitted by Paul

Q:  Does the band have any plans to release the filming of the Trampoline recording sessions on video?

A:  Paul, good question.  There are no plans at this time to release a film of the making of "Trampoline."  Though I have great interest in finishing that project some day.

Several Questions Submitted by Chris from Australia

With respect to the recent departure from Mercury-Nashville in search of a new label "more capable of promoting the music The Mavericks will be continuing to make".

Q:  Does this mean that The Mavericks have some idea what the next album will be like.  Have new songs already been previewed within the band? (i.e. will it be closer to the White Album or Abbey Road?)

A:  Chris,  I would say there is no real idea at this time as to what the next Maverick album will sound like, but the title might be "White Abbey." Sound good to you?

Q: When is Ken Coomer gonna drag Billy Bragg into one of SWAG's recording sessions?

A: That's a great idea.  Billy Bragg does SWAG.

Q:  The perrenial favourite! - What records have you been listening tolately?

A:   My latest fav records: "Smile" by the Jayhawks, and an independent release from Nashville titled "Shades of Gray" by Jason White.  I highly recommend you look into this one.

Q:  And I won't ask when are The Mavericks going to find out how much the sun shines and how good the wines are in Australia?

A:   It is one of my biggest regrets that the Mavericks have not been to Australia yet.  We need to fix that one.

Submitted by Daisy from Belgium

Q:    I know you write songs but have you ever thought
of singing them yourself and putting them on an album?

A:  Daisy,  I do sing many of the songs I write in my band SWAG, as well as some other material I am involved in.

Q:  Also, whatever happened to all the filming material that was used during the making of Trampoline.  Do we ever get to see a video of it?

A:   The film from "Trampoline" is as of yet unreleased, but I still have high hopes.

Submitted by Susanna from Connecticut

Q:  Gosh we really miss you guys here in Connecticut.  I know that you have been really busy and have no plans to tour with The Mavericks (at least in our area) at present, but was wondering what the future holds.  Are you guys going to work on a new CD? 

A:  Susanna, we do plan on working on a new album, but our priority now is to finish up some solo projects.  Each of the Mavericks have been enjoying some outside work and I think it brings a lot back into the group.
P.S. Say hello to your daughter.

Submitted by Magda from The Netherlands

Q:  Are you coming to The Netherlands on your tour with Kevin Montgomery and Pettibone?.  I would like to see you guys!

A:  Magda, I don't think the Netherlands will be on MY tour plans with Kevin, but I know he would like to get there this year.  As for the future, I hope we can go together.

Submitted by Helen

Q:  Can you tell me how many videos the Mavericks have out for TV - I  have taped about 10 so far. 

A:  Helen, I believe we have shot 15 or 16 videos by now.

Q:  Will I eventually be able to join the UK fan club?

A:  I would hope that you would be able to join the UK fan club or the US fan club once it gets back up and running.

Ten questions submitted by Eric :

Q:   What record [song-wise] do you really miss in your collection, and if someone out there had it, would you drive hundreds of miles to obtain it?  Not necessarily an original, but a copy of.

A:  Eric, I can't think of a song missing from my collection, though I'm sure there must be one.

Q:  If you could contract a painter to create a Mavericks album cover, which one would you choose [Painter: dead or alive]?

A:  I would love to have an album cover painted by Vincent van Gough.

Q:  I once read in an interview with Don Cook that he was not really fondof working with The Mavericks before he actually met you guys (I think over a dinner or something) - but he found a lot of similarities in your approach to making music.  What was your approach to Don before youmet him; for instance, by judging what he did with other artists.

A:  I personally wasn't sure about working with Don Cook before meeting him, but I must say it worked well for us.  As for the future, I'm ready for a change.

Q:  Besides the 20 or 30 minute videotape, are there any plans
to release more Trampoline video material?

A:  No plans at this time to release more footage from the "Trampoline" sessions.

Q:   Is there a song you put out either on single or album that you
personally think of as "it's a shame that didn't become a hit,
it deserved it"?

A:  There are a few regrets regarding singles that didn't work, but mostly I must say I am pleased.

Q:   If, for some reason, you had to choose between making music
yourself or listening to music from others, which would it be?

A:  I'm very fond of the innocent days before I was in the music business and I could listen to the magic of music.

Q:  What's the best videoclip you've ever seen? (And why?)

A:  Difficult question - maybe Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 You."

Q:   What do think of:
- Nashville [As a place to live]?
- Nashville [As a place to work/make music]?
- American food?
- Big record companies?
- The US TV and Radio stations?

A:  I've really come to love Nashville for work and home.  As for American food, there is both good and bad.  I like some of each.

Q:  Which would you prefer:
- 5 nights in the Royal Albert Hall or one afternoon in front of 100000 
people in Hyde Park?
- Success based on talent or on 10 years of hard work?
- John [Lennon] or Paul [McCartney] ?
- These kind of interviews with fans or with big magazines/
- Having success as a solo-artist or in a band?

A:   I like a variety of venues and playing for both large and small 
audiences.  I favor John Lennon and I've always loved being in a band.

Q:  When the Mavericks are going to record a new album, would you bewilling to keep a kind of diary of what's happening at particularmoments (either starting from the first meeting to write/gathersongs or during the recording itself) to be publicised on theMavhouse? 

A:  I've always kept a diary through the making of most of our albums. Yes, I could imagine publishing them.

Submitted by Paul

Q:  Here are a couple of very important questions we guys inevitably ask each other  after a few beers, when conversation turns to popular television shows of the 1960's:

 Ginger or Mary Ann?
 Jeannie or Samantha?
Bille Jo, Betty Jo or Bobbi Jo?
 Batgirl or Catwoman?
Marcia Brady or Laurie Partridge?

A:  Paul, Good questions - Mary Ann; Samantha; Billie Jo, Betty Jo & Bobbi Jo all at once; Batgirl (I love Bats); Laurie Patridge

Submitted by Michael & Elain, Arizona

Q:  My husband and I are big fans of the Mavericks.   We are also big, big fans of Marty Robbins and thought that if you were going to occasionally do remakes of some of the old songs, that would be a great place to look. Have you guys considered Marty Robbins?  We would be thrilled to have our 2 favorites in one package.

A:  Michael & Elain, we have covered a few Marty Robbins songs in concert.  We love Marty too.

Submitted by Johnny

 Q:   It is easy to forget how much work is already done when you get up on the stage.  You told us that "It's gonna take a lot of effort to fire up the whole organization just for these few shows" when talking about Dave Matthews, so my question is: how many people does it actually take?

A:  Johnny, the Mavericks usually travel in and around 10 to 15 people. That is the band and crew.

Q:  Have you signed a new contract yet? If so - with which company?Are there any artists you, individually, will record albums with whilethe next Mavericks album is on the stove?  Will you move over to the pop/rock world?

A:  We are still shopping for a new record deal.   As you probably already know, I have a side project called SWAG with Ken Coomer from Wilco and Tom Petersson from Cheap Trick, among others.  What is the pop/rock world anymore?

Q:  Does the band feel it needs, musically, a turning point or will you keep on going knowing the rest of the business will catch up on you occasionally?

A:  I think the Mavericks should go on just being the Mavericks and let the musical chips fall where they may.

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