NASHVILLE JUNE 13 to 18, 1998

It's hard to find the words to describe this past week. It was
every Mavericks 's dream come true.
      Leanne you know U DA BEST :0)
I guess my first Mavs encounter was when I met Mr Harrison {Paul's and
Lee's son} the so called tickle monster, a real sweety and great photographer
{took most of my pictures for me} THANKS HARRISON!
       Saturday night Lee and I went out for supper and drinks with
Betty, it was a delight meeting her, she is very very kewl...had a wonderful time even though they got me to eat this giant mushroom YIKES GUYS!! I can still taste it..WELLLLL At least it was better then those boiled peanuts Lee made me try YUK SPIT!@!

       Monday was the fanclub party and got to meet all our online
friends which was very nice~! I have to tell you guys about MY BIG GOOF UP!!!!!!  still kicking myself on that one !!!
       I was sitting at the bar, on a stool...chitchatting with mr.
Dino {Raul's son} then Dino asked me to put his candy in his Pez dispenser.
AHHHhhh what a sweety, sooo I said SURE, who could refuse a face like his :0)
         "I thought I knew what I was doing" WRONG
I give the Pez dispenser back to Dino and as he tries to pop one out to
eat it WHAM~! They all fell to the floor!!!!!OH NO
        He didnt say a word.....Just looked at me with those big eyes
and said NOTHING~! OUCH~ soo I frantically searched in my purse for some gum YES I had some....and he was pretty happy about it {thanking her lucky stars}
            I got to say hello to Raul when Lee brought him over to
introduce me BLUSH!! and yes ladies....I did get a real nice squeeze out of him  :0)

           The Mavericks played for a little while, now I cant
remember anything except Volver AHhhhhh that one blows my mind everytime. I hope  they release it soon as a single....with the Havana horns AHHHhhhhh dreaming I know!

             Now the fanfair show...To my amazement, we got to sit
right beside the Havana Horns on stage for the Mavs part of the
was amazing!!

I forget who asked us for "butt" pictures hehehe but we got plenty!
The only bad thing about sitting on the stage was that I had to use the
ladie's room so bad ... and sitting on a raddling an a shakin stage
didnt help me much LOL

                So after the show, Leanne, Harrison and myself rushed
to the bus to use hmm the little girl's room hahah. Jaime Hanna was chatting
outside so we got our snapshot taken with him {OHLALA}
             And on the bus we got a few of Robert {MY MY} We got to
chatting with Bobby...Raul's guitar man, real friendly fellow. Got to
meet Nick and his beautiful family.
Jerry Dale { was still soar from the dentist visit}
                  Paul the joker and his new wife Tracy {real sweatheart}...Jaime and his girlfriend {cant remember her name.but she  was a
real hoot, very friendly} There were so many people its hard to keep

TRACK?????????hmmm this reminds me.........

                 Leanne is gonna kill meeeee but hehehe TO FUNNY!!
After the Mavs show....we were in a rush to go meet everyone at the
restaurant, but we had a hard time finding our way out of the grounds since it was so dark
..... so we are driving.... and all of a sudden the car is on a
slope...and as I am looking out the passanger window.....I am seeing all these
billboards going by..The I realised....LEANNE!!!!!! WE ARE ON THE RACE TRACK!!!!!!!!
well!!!!!! we could not stop was sooooo funny guys!~ :0)~

                 Well, that about wrapps it up, if I forget to mention something ,let me know and I will tell you about it.
                     JACK...Leanne and I stole a Derailers poster from Cafe
Milano for ya heheheh And I will admit although I wasnt into their
album much they are real good in concert. I'm thinking I need to give them another try?