Greetings from Ottawa!

What else can I say but "amazin'"!!! The Mavericks put on an excellent show tonight. This is my second time seeing them live and they take your breath away. Junior Brown came out first and sang for about 45 minutes. I must tell you that the crowd was very disappointing for me because they were not into it at all, so I stayed quiet for that part. During intermission, my husband and I went backstage to meet him. He was very courteous and friendly.

After a long wait, the Mavericks came out singing " I don't care if you love me anymore". At this point I wasn't the least intimidated by the crowd so off the chair I went dancing and singing the whole way through. I was nowhere near the front but I'm sure the band heard me!! [haha]
After a while the crowd did get into it and the band got a little looser, telling us how much they appreciated Canadians for their commitment and dedication. Then they told the cutest little joke: Here is what they said: ROBERT: we normally ask each other what the wives packed us for lunch!! Raul to Robert: Your wife sent me her panties!! Then ROBERT told him: Your wife sent me YOUR panties, I think I lost out on this deal!!!! [hahahaha] Robert also talked about Trisha being in Australia and taking time off.

The band played for about an hour than came out for three more encores. Attending my first M&G I was VERY nervous. I had warned my husband ahead of time that if I couldn't talk/he would have to do it for me. There was only 12 of us backstage so I was lucky enough to bring two extra friends. The guys came out and I could feel my knees shaking!! First we met Paul[boy is he cute!] then Nick[didn't say much] and Robert [I got a hug!!!] I must say that I was disappointed not to see Raul but Paul and Robert sure made up for it!! And YES I did speak! [tap on the back] We chatted longer than I'd expected [about 20 minutes] They are real sweethearts, very friendly :)

They did mention that it was the end of the tour and that they were looking forward to spending time with their families and also work on new material [YES!!]. They are taking about 8 months.
They also did a great version of "Okie from Muskogee" which was ALOT of fun.

Carole Trask

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