By Mary Lou
  Our drive into New Jersey took nearly 3 hours due to heavy traffic in NY.
We again had luck on on our side for parking, right across from the stage
door entrance.
  After a little sight seeing around the town we had a nice dinner at a local
diner,at very reasonable prices.
  Lynn & Paul were in front of the theater as we approached. Met up with Fred
& Amy, Mary Ellen,her husband & son & sat next to Silky.
  There were 2 bands before the Mavericks. Too be honest I can't recall their
names right now as I really wasn't that interested.
  The Mavs took to the stage & the fun began as it did last Thursday at
Tramps. The set list pretty much followed the same with a few adlibs in there
between Robert & Raul. Only 2 encores for this one but Robert encouraged us
all to come right up to the stage.

  Paul, Robert & Raul made an appearance after the show & graciously gave of
their time again to chat with us & sign some autographs. Raul was so sweet
even though he has been suffering with a sore throat the past few days. He
read over Michelle's translation of Palabras and made only one correction. He
said the rest was pretty much the way it should be. I'll share that
correction with you all next time. I don't have enough energy to do it now.
He also expressed his gratitude for the albums & cigars I gave him Thursday.
He told me he did not have the recordings I gave him so I was thrilled.

  Well,it's off to bed. Long ride tomorrow for the New Hampshire show.

Just Mav'n Along
Mary Lou