Review By MRS MALO Of The Ace Of Clubs Show

Nashville Tennessee
Friday 27 February 98


Here is my overall impression of the Ace of Clubs show.

First, MCA introduced the boys :  ARE YOU READY TO ROCK??? -
yeah!!!!!!!!  -    we were ready to rock !
Well, the Boys enter the stage and the crowd went wild. They all looked so
I looked back where all the tables were set up for the radio industry guys .
They all had stern faces.....I thought.....Oh God!!!!!
I was sitting right in front of them, to the left so I could look at them
without them noticing me. and then....the first bars of "Dance The Night Away "began.....the crowd was cheering and jumping....
"'Tell me Why", (completely different rythm) , - l looked back - still some
stern  faces softening a little bit... well we'll see .....;the program was then
followed by "I should know"- by this time the crowd started pushing .....they wanted to dance but where?? there was no room!!!- anyway we were all moving- we had to dance to the rythm of those Havana horns and to Paul's drums!!-so we all did -
"Someone Should Tell Her' came in  the program with Nick rocking his guitar and that guitar was getting everybody rocking!; Jerry's piano, oh mine, that piano sounded glorious- I turned around in my seat- there were plenty of smiling faces - it's looking good- I thought....

Bobby introduced the new single- " To Be With You"- and Raul remarked:
'God knows we need all the love we can get' - crowd went wild...

Then Raul introduces Jammie Hanna and said- this next song I wrote with Jammie Hanna-"I'v Got This Feeling"- hope you like it - because he's still very young and sensitive!! -" the crowd screamed  and clapped ...

It was followed by the Tom Jones song, "It's not Unusual",- by this time the
guys in the back were smiling ...all of them...  by the end of the song, they
were applauding!!  and on their feet.....

Then the quiet moment of the night came and Bob introduced Raul - but before starting, Raul said: Kostas and me got together, gave him a cigar and that's how we happened to write this song "Dream River".
the place went dead silence  - the music and the voice filled the air.. at the
end of the song nobody moved, nobody said a word, then suddenly, hands up in the air, applauses, cheers, and smiles all around us.  It was magic.

Then before we could catch our breath, the bongos started, played by Raul's
favorite Puerto Rican, "Coruba," Nick with another guitar, Raul with a red
sithar, Bobby smiling and keeping the latin rythm, Jammie singing back
there,..."You're incredible, so irresistable"   , the radio guys in the back
moving to the rythm ....but this is not country!!!!, yet they are moving to he
rythm ..this is a treat...!...

"People of Nashville" Raul said through the Megaphone, one, two, a one, two ....
"Dolores " ....people went wild- the piano- Jerry Dale 's,  oh that piano!!! -
Nick was actually dancing.... Bobby' base kept the beat and we all followed
him ...Paul , Raul and the rest looked like they came out of a 1920's
show!!-the crowd loved this sound!!!!!-not a dull moment with these boys...

Then came that gospel sound -" Save a Prayer"- there is still one guy in the
back that looks this time, people were dancing on the tables,
clapping, screaming, dancing, and Raul says....well Good Night, I want to
thank you guys for coming to see us tonight, but.....the crowd... oh
NO!!!!!... no way they can leave now...

Then the first few bars of " What a Crying Shame" were played and  everybody started singing the song- Raul's smile is worth a million dollars by now. (It reminded me of the nights at the London shows where the crowds knew all the songs... and the band played quietly so they could hear the audience instead)....beautiful..

"Thank you all so much, and a one. two..."ICan't sleep a wink" ...well you
know which song that is, we could barely breathe by now, the horn section
playing Havana style, Raul to the Piano, Jerry dancing, Paul drumming, Nick smiling!!!!
Good night folks,.......forget it!!!- bottles rattling, then Jerry starts
boogie, boogie, drinks were spilling, but nobody cared,

how are you feeling out there?    .........saxophone was going, trumpet
section going - jazz!!! New Orleans...? - this is the greatest hour....then
the cow bells started, oh no... a cuban mambo..a conga line . we can't move,
oh my god we can't move and they are doing a conga line... then Betty Malo
throws her feathers to Raul, he puts them on, everybody by now dancing, -

i looked back- where are the radio guys,??? - oh my god they are in the conga line!!!!!

The Mavericks won again. -- How we love this guys!!

Mrs Norma Malo

Thank you for sharing with us Mrs Malo :0)