Leanne Cater of Y105 in Ottawa with Robert Reynolds

               EXCELLENT INTERVIEW        Oct 21, 97

Robert: Nude at nine?

Leanne: That's what it is the nude at nine with Leann cater, and Robert Reynolds on young country Y105. Are you nude?

Robert: I'm nude at nine

Leanne: You've got to be!

Robert: Yes I know. They told me that it was a prerequisite. I stripped down, and I'm a little shy, and I probably have the house a little cold, I'm humbled right now.

Leann: Look at me I'm blushing

Robert: laughing

Leanne: I would be blushing any ways, its a pretty special day for Canadians, the mavericks have all made us all feel pretty darn good, with the new album coming out. In fact, I'm a little embarrassed and I heard the whole reason you guys released this album, is because I was working that evening and couldn't be at the show, and you wanted to make sure I didn't miss out entirely. And I heard that, and I couldn't believe that.

Robert: That's entirely true and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. But its a cool project, exclusively in Canada, and should our label up there in Canada decide to give license to other parts of the world, that'll be cool, but it'll always be Canadian because that's where it originated and the shows were recorded live in Toronto and Ottawa. It is a unique idea, it was something that the band felt very good about, and it was something that we talked about with ed Harris at universal Canada.

Leanne: So is that where it all started from, was it a record company idea?

Robert: It was kind of better than that, in that, we, Paul; and I, were up for your Canadian country music awards a little more than a year ago, and we talked about doing something unique for what ed Harris felt was a great tour fan base that supports our records.

Leanne: We love you up here!

Robert: it very obvious, we thought ed was onto something, and we conceptualized we had never done anything live for commercial release, and we weren't ready to do the double live album, Frampton comes alive. We weren't ready for that. We felt that maybe that would be a bit self indulgent, and the best thing would be a specially marked, a special price point piece of music that was just an example of a couple of nights in Canada. And that's what we released. It was really fun to put the project together. Leann: Well Canadians really appreciate it, we actually have some up state new York, American listeners, with Y105, and I was cruising around the Internet and found out that the can get it, if they get on the Internet and look you guys up there is a way to get this particular CD, even before it might be released in the states.

Robert: Right, it is true and we realized that, it would be kind of foolish to be that selfish with some music, because you have fans all around the world, hopefully, and we seem to, and we realize that you can get anything on import. I can get European disks by just asking my record store to order them. So we know that they're available and it should be that way. But in the mean time we wanted this to be a unique Maverick partnership with our Canadian fans and our Canadian label.

Leanne: Absolutely it would be a shame to let those Americans to miss out on our Canadian spirit.

Robert: There you go. It should have the leaf on the back and say product of Canada, or something. Maybe we could have that changed

Leanne: (laughing) doesn't contain any compressed meat though

Robert: No, no pressed meat. Well the first 10,000 purchases will have a spam like product you'll have to eat through before you can get to the disk.

Leanne: "Well It's Live! Its Now!", is the name of the CD, so lets let them here one live now. Is this one done in Ottawa, Robert?

Robert: Oh yes! I'd have to look at a list, cause we chose some songs from each night, but this one is a coin toss, I can tell you some that are certain, but this one's a mystery, let the folks find out.

--There Goes My Heart (live)-

Leanne: Leann with Robert Reynolds of the Mavericks, on the line as opposed to on-line.

Robert: Well I could go on-line as well as on the line, we could get sort of a multi media event going here.

Leanne: You guys have quite an internet following there!

Robert: Yeah! We do, and I think its very cool, I'm completely computer illiterate, I'm terrible with computers, and I do enjoy the power of computers and I enjoy working with someone who is good, and can facilitate some things that I like to do, but, I've done chats on the net, where I can do interviews, or conversations with fans, its a powerful tool for marketing, and beyond that its a great means of communication

Leanne: I love e-mail!

Robert: Yeah! So its really fantastic, I think we all have to respond to these things, like we were saying before we went on the air, when you look at the computer that you approach at your work, they seem completely overwhelming, but they are fantastic once you find out how to work with them.

Leanne: Frightening but good.

Robert: Like many things in life

Leanne: We'll just trade addresses here and you can be my new e-mail buddy.

Robert: OK

Leanne: That sounds good to me, actually I was looking on the internet on one of the Mavericks pages and there are fans stories and I found one from carole trask,{thats me!}she wrote in after your show here in Ottawa. She had a little something to say, actually she was one of the winners and got to go back stage and meet you guys.

Robert: I hope she had a good experience.

Leanne: She and her husband went back. Actually the encapsulated description was they are "sweethearts", and actually you can tell me if she describes the personalities right, she didn't get to meet Raul, backstage she met Paul first and her comment was "boy he's cute", Nick second "didn't say much"

Robert: Yeah that's true, so far we're on, she didn't see Raul, she's on there. Paul was cute, well if you like that sort of thing, Nick was quiet, very true.

Leanne: And Robert, I got a hug, at which point her husband dove for cover (a little ad libbing)

Robert: great I wasn't gonna hug him, I'll tell you that.

Leann: he'll probably be relieved to here that now. And there was also something she said about, something you guys were talking about. About Trisha packing Raul's lunch box with her panties, and Rauls wife packing your lunch box with his gotchies.

Robert: I apologize, I swear, the truth is about live Mavericks is that we're pretty much willing to go to some odd places with the conversation and the music.

Leanne: We new you had eclectic tastes in clothing

Robert: Well somehow Raul on the mike that evening said something about that, and I don't know(laughing), it turns into this conversation, this absurd conversation that is completely made up.

Leanne: Sound like you got the bad end of the stick though.

Robert: My wife would be so proud right now. Its funny, I can't say that having gone through the tape, that we were able to use very much of the conversational, stage stuff, but the live album does have that same energy.

Leanne: We may not have got all of the conversation, but thats what I'm for

Robert: Yes I know, you're keeping the fans in touch, here.

Leanne: That's right.

Robert: I like it

Leanne: Well we just mentioned your wife Trisha Yearwood, I wasn't going to do this, actually, because we're talking to you, and I must say that I was very impressed that she won vocalist of the year at the CMA's, finally.

Robert: Very cool, first of all, when speaking of Trisha, when I'm doing my interviews and things for the Mavericks, I'm always pleased to talk about Trisha, cause I believe its part of our life, its what we do, we're both working as entertainers, and I'm pleased to talk to you about her. Thank-you for the complements, and I'll pass them along, you can be sure of that.

Leanne: I hope you do.

-Oh What A Crying Shame (Live)-

Robert: Nude at nine. I'm pleased to be here for this all encompassing talk show. You're going to put Oprah out of business.

Leanne: Oh I hope so.

Robert: I think we'd all benefit from a little of that Oprah empire.

Leanne: I'd just be happy if she'd paint my car.

Robert: Exactly

Leanne: The bond-o and rust. My car looks like it has been shot several times. And its bleeding bullet holes all over it.

Robert: It must be the salt up there.

Leanne: It must be the fact that its really old and decrepit and I need a new one and can't afford it.

Robert: You know what we could do, we could run a little telethon, right now, do you think the station would be upset if we used this time to raise some money for you.

Leanne: Not at all. Give us a call, just shhh, don't tell the boss.

Robert: Remember the old thing with Soupy Sales, its part of legend now, but he apparently was doing a kids show and asked the kids to go into Mom's and Dad's billfolds and grab the green pieces of paper and mail them to him. I think his ratings dropped and he was fired. I don't know

Leanne: We don't want you to do that kids, stay away from those little green, and in Canada's case colored piece's of paper.

Robert: Yes indeed

Leanne: But those big heavy coins, they may be OK. Forget that.

Robert: So you have loonies and two-nies, or what are they.

Leanne: Yes loonies and two-nies, I guess you guys are getting a one dollar coin. Like it or not they are doing it to you.

Robert: I know. I just hope I get to put a few of them in my pocket at some point in my life.

Leanne: the worst part about the coins, they're actually not so bad, is that all the vending machines, you'll see everthing is going to cost 5 million dollars at a vending machine soon.

Robert: Exactly.

Leanne: The denominations keep getting bigger the prices keep going up.

Robert: We've got a pretty diverse chat we've got going.

Leanne: That's why I said we should be e-mail buddies, we shouldn't be wandering this far with the listeners. We can do this by email and get back to business.

Robert: Lets reel this thing in for them.

Leanne: back in January you did the show here in Ottawa at the Civic center, and I've been made aware that after the show, you guys took a walk, in January, in Ottawa, the coldest place on earth (it was like -25 Celsius), to Barrymore's to see Kim Stockwood.

Robert: Yes thats true.

Leanne: I just want to know if you remember the house party?

Robert: I remember it very well, as a matter of fact it was a very cool night

Leanne: Did they know you were coming, or was it just somebody who ended up with Kim Stockwood and the Mavericks at their house after the show.

Robert: It was completely unplanned, after a show you're looking for something to do, and we took a long walk, and it was crazy cause it was freezing, completely freezing, particularly for those of us who are not acclimated, we took along walk and spent some time hanging out with the various musicians, and it was a nice hang. We then walked to this house and there was a party going on, it was upstairs, there were lots of people, it was fun.

Leanne: We can blend.

Robert: It was great.

Leanne: I am personally taking time to say, next time you're playing Ottawa, I am inviting all of you and all of the listeners back to my house!

Robert: Lets do it. You're not kidding now are you.

Leanne: I'm not kidding!

Robert: Throw a party next time we're in. But make sure its a night we are leaving very late or spending the night.

Leanne: we'll make sure you spend the night.

Robert: Not at your house.

Leanne: You could stay there, my husband doesn't mind, he loves company.

Robert: This makes me very nervous. A woman who runs a program called nude at nine, makes me very nervous. I'm just teasing.

Leanne: Yes, of course you are. Would that be up there in your best memories of your Toronto/Ottawa stint, do you have any other favorite or odd memories from that trip.

Robert: I've got to tell you this whole program we are doing now is in the spirit of this record, everything being live, as you well know and I know but the listeners may not know, when you work on a live mike playing music or speaking to people and spinning records what happens is you really leave so much up to the moment and what happens. Something could go wrong, equipment could fail.

Leanne: You could wind up talking about the monetary system of your country.

Robert: you could go anywhere, we were talking about a lunch box full of my wifes panties, goodness sakes! I don't know how that came up. (Laughing)

Leanne: I'm sorry.

Robert: Anything could happen, that's what is so great about the live moment. A story about our last trip to Canada on that particular run, as you may remember, it was freezing cold and a great deal of snow coming down. When we crossed the border, and I wrote a little liner note for this record, if the folks go out and get a copy, they'll read this little abbreviated story. As we came into the country we had some delays, some paperwork was fouled up, it was no problem but it caused a delay at the border, so the band went on ahead in our bus, we got into toronto, and the snow just came down & down & down. It was just amazing, super blizzard like to me.

Leanne: Yes what ever. Same old, Same old

Robert: you know, but for me its remarkable. It was crazy. Our truck froze. The hydraulics on it or something, so our gear, our equipment was stuck several hours back. It was like this show that almost didn't happen, so my memory of that time is that it was a very exciting coin-toss couple of days in Canada. And I think the spirit of you never know whats going to happen was consistent from our travel to the party after our Ottawa show and every moment on stage.

Leanne: I'm just really happy that we've solidified the American stereo-type of Canadians being chin deep in snow.

Robert: I get to see All you weather cause I'm there at different times of the year. But I've got to say we're expected to be back in Canada by late January this year. So we're excited. If this contract can go down now.

Leanne: I'll start cleaning my house now.

Robert: you need to, cause we may very well be seeing you again by the first week of February.

Leanne: That's terrific, we're just about out of time. Its been great having you on the show.

Robert: I appreciate being on. I really do!

Leanne: I'm looking down at my interview sheet, and I have down the fans best mammary of your performance.

Robert: Mammaries? It is the nude at nine

Leanne: Its a typo but it seems to fit

Robert: This program has had a continuity at least.

Leanne: We're changing peoples lives tonight.

Robert: (laughing) We're responsible for many things tonight.

Leanne: I'm not taking responsibility for anything. When my boss comes to see me tomorrow its all your fault buddy!

Robert: OK, just don't give him my phone number.

Leanne: I'll pretend I lost it. Some of the fans best memory was the seven minute long Ally You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down. Wicked.

Robert: That song on the record is credited to Ottawa, its a thing where the live version is 3 minutes, and is a higher point in the show just due to the pure energy of it. You've got to imagine when you here this its the last night of the tour. Its the last night we would be playing these songs live before taking year off. And we knew that cause we had planned this year to recharge our batteries and make a new record, and hopefully a better new album for it. We had been working for at that point 7 years as a group, and we had been on the road for 4.5 -5 years steady. So that song was kin of like the last lap, or something. I think some of it is just this energy like, you almost wanted it to burst into flames. You had worked so hard, and there was a lot of emotion to being up there on the last night.

Leanne: A lot of performers have the flames, the pyrotechnics, but you guys don't need it, because its all within you and it comes out on stage.

Robert: I thank you if that's the case, that's the perception. We do love playing live. That's why we took the year off to make the record. We wanted a time capsule, evidence of our previous live work, as we looked forward to the future, of many more years perhaps. The year off has been really good for us, i think we will really be in love with performing the way we should be when we head out on tour. I hope to see everybody when we get to Canada, and I hope it happens in January/February.

Leanne: Excellent. Got to let you go. I hear your dog barking in the background. I think he wants out.

Robert: Exactly

Leanne: thank you again, its been a great edition of NEW AT NINE, not nude at nine.

Robert: I know

Leanne: But I'm glad you took your clothes of for the occasion any ways.

Robert: I enjoyed spending this time together

Leanne: I feel a special bond.

Robert: even though my fax had a typo and said Nude, I figured it was a prerequisite, so I've been sitting around in the buff, slightly shy, just me and the dog. The dog's been worried about me.

Leanne: maybe that's what the barking was about,

Robert: Thanks and enjoy the music.

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