Hi all,

Well I'm not really into doing setlists and so on but I'm sure Jacky has
provided all the information we need on that score, she's really good at
keeping us all informed.  Anyway heres my take on the shows and its very
long so here goes.

First of all I would like to say that it was wonderful meeting all the
RTMLers and here's the full list as some who travelled a long way to see
have not been mentioned:-
Cambridge - Lou and Andreas from Hamburg, Germany, Michelle and Rob, Jacky
and family.
Coventry - Pat Healey, husband and friends, Hannah and again Jacky and
Liverpool - Dianne and Ray Davis,
London - Daisy and Karel from Belgium, Magda and husband also from Belgium
(sorry Magda I couldn't remember your husband's name), Sabrina and Tosten
from Hamburg, Germany, Pat Healey with husband and friends, Jacky and
It was wonderful to meet everybody and we had a great time.  If I've missed
anyone I'm sorry.

It was particularly pleasing that our friends from Belgium and Germany got
to meet Raul, you could see the happiness in their faces and I have pictures to
prove it which I will post as soon as they have been scanned.

All the shows were fantastic, of that there is no doubt, even hubby loved
them and although he is a Mavs fan he's not as fanatical as I am.  We had
great pleasure in meeting Mr and Mrs Malo Snr.  Mr.Malo Snr and hubby seemed
to get on like a house on fire, drinks at the bar and all that.

The shows at Cambridge and Coventry Raul sang "Spanish Eyes" its mine and
hubby's song it was playing on the night we met and I've never heard a
better version than Al Martino until now.  If you all remember I'm the one who
hated Hot Burritto #1 if fact I think I said "the only good thing about it is
Raul's voice."  Well let me tell you after hearing Raul sing it live I've
changed my mind completely, its great.

As always Raul, Jaime and Dennis were very patient with the fans and signed
autographs for everyone, in fact at the London show Raul and Jaime stayed
till just about everyone had left and I got a really good picture of Raul
standing by himself outside the theatre.  I'll post the best pictures when
I've scanned them but I forgot to ask Mr. and Mrs.Malo Snr. if they minded
if I put their pictures on the internet so I'll leave those out.

At one of the shows, I think it was Liverpool, when Raul sang "Children" it
said it had been taken up by a Charity in the US called "Children who never
forget."  Raul sings this song with such sincerity you can tell he's a
really kind and caring person, I just love him.  In fact when I has talking to
Mr.Malo Snr. I said to him that I had no talent at all and to be around
someone like Raul some talent might rub off. Mr.Malo then said "Raul
certainly has enough talent for everyone."  Hubby said "Well Mr.Malo you
made him and we're so glad you did." Mr.Malo just laughed.     Maybe one of the
RTMLers over there know about this charity, more information please if you
do and if Raul has anything to do with it apart from the song.

Well I've gone on long enough so to sum up I'd say that this solo tour just
brought into focus Raul's rare and wonderful talent.  I leave you with my
feelings summed up in these words (I'm sure you all know them, so those of
use who are feeling emotional, please don't cry LOL):-

though you're not here with me
I still want what used to be
I can't let go
Oh don't you know
I'm missing you

Bye for now

Krysia, England