from Jacky

At London it was great to meet up with more list members again! We met
Daisy:-) Magda, Sabrina and their families.
I`m not sure who took the group photo (which included Krysia and Pat too:-)
but i know there is a group shot! :-)
Anyway, we had a great time together, and by the end of it i have to admit i
was pretty emotional, as London marked the end of a phenomenal fortnight of
meeting some wonderful people!

The setlist for London was:
"Loving You"
"Answer Me"
"As My Boy"
"Dream River"
"WACS" (Turkish style, and as on WXTU)
"Mujer" (new Spanish song. Michelle has translated and written out the
lyrics for this one, and like Palabras, they have been checked by Raul! :-)
"No Me Preguntes Tanto" (another new Spanish song)
"(Another Spanish song. The title escapes me!)"
"From Hell to Paradise" (no Spanish verse, a thought on this: Could he have
omitted because he doesn`t now agree with it?)
"Pretend" (Willie Nelson style, and a `pathetic` song, according to Raul).
"I`ve Got This Feeling"
"Dance the Night Away"
"Can`t Help Falling In Love"
"Moon River"
"O Sol Mio"
"For the Good Times" (duet with Kim Richey)
"Bring Me Down". (with Kim Richey).

In all, the shows were relaxed and casual. Rather like a family gathering
within the confines of your own living room. This was, of course, the scene
Raul was trying to convey, with the stage set out like a living room,
complete with carpet.
There was plenty of banter from Raul, and the drunken heckler at London,
although annoying, lended itself moreso to the feeling of being at home.
Much like a big brother trying to spoil your friend`s evening entertainment.
Either way, the heckler certainly felt at home!

I noticed Raul had even dressed accordingly for each venue. At Cambridge,
where we `ain`t` too dressy, he wore jeans and his hat. Casual, but very
smart for Coventry and London.
Attention had been paid to lighting too. It was soft, and gave the
impression of a warm night in, on a cold Autumn night (a fireplace would
have added slightly more effect). With an armchair on the right and left
side of him, we, the audience were sitting in the comfy sofa, in effect.
One of the highlights of the shows, was at Cambridge, where Raul left Jaime
to perform solo.

Kim Richey and her guitarist Will Kimbro, gave a good performance at each
venue. Although she is a very talented singer, there isn`t much going on
visually, and dare i say, the songs all seemed to sound the same.