The Mavericks-Royal Albert Hall concert 21st May 1999
By Hannah Tobin

On Friday, May 21st I went to see the Mavericks at the Royal Albert Hall at
it was absolutely brilliant!!!! It was my last day at school and I left at
lunch time for London with mum and dad and arrived at about 4pm. We checked
into our hotel and walked the short distance to the Albert Hall.
We waited by the stage door because I wanted to see them arrive. I
recognised some people from the new Albert Hall video of last year’s
concert.  Every time a flash car pulled up we thought it was them. Suddenly
at about 7:15 a blue Merc pulled up and Robert Reynolds got out. I quickly
ran up to him and held out my autograph book and he signed it. I wanted to
talk to him and tell him how much I was looking forward to the concert, but
the two guys next to me had scap books and kept firing questions at him and
I couldn’t get a word in! But I was really pleased with the autograph and
my dad captured it on camera!! I waited a bit longer hoping to see the
others arrive, but we needed to get to our seats, so we made our way into
the hall.
 After purchasing a picture program and a few momentos we made our way to
our seats. The seats were a bit  far away, but we could still hear and see
everything perfectly. Soon the back ground music faded as did the lights
and everybody started cheering and shouting. Then the sound of the Zorba’s
dance music rang round the hall. It worked perfectly giving a dramatic
build for them to walk on stage to; The audience clapping in tempo with the
music. The first to walk into the spotlight was their new keyboard player
Eric Holt and the Havana Horns. Then Jamie Hanna, Nick Kane, Paul Deakin,
and Robert Reynolds. The music got faster, the clapping got louder and
built to a crescendo as Raul Malo walked on stage. The stage was now set.
 They kicked off with ‘Someone Should Tell Her’, their current UK single-A
perfect start! Raul introduced themselves as The Mavericks and that they
were thrilled to by playing the Albert Hall again and to be back in
England. This wasn’t just talk. I could really sense they were enjoying
every minute. The concert continued with a mixture of songs from
Trampoline, some early stuff and some surprise covers!  ( I really enjoyed
their version of ‘Help Yourself’). I liked Raul’s acoustic set, but I wish
people wouldn’t try and sing along with him-especially after they’ve been
in the bar!
Country singer Sarah Evans made a special guest appearance. She dueted with
Raul on ‘Something Stupid’ and later on performed ‘Cheatin’ Heart’ with
them. My other favourites were ‘Delores’ and ‘Save A Prayer’ (in which some
of the audience were doing the Hallelujah waves that Jerry Dale did in the
new video) and ‘All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down’.
A Mavericks concert is always full of surprises and I didn’t expect to hear
‘Downtown’ ( this was a hit in the UK charts for Pertula Clark in the
60’s), but it worked so well. The performances were held together by great
musicianship. Slick guitar solos from Nick Kane, powerful Havana Horns and
Paul Deakin’s brilliant drumming!
 After the show I and a few others decided to wait by the stage door again.
Like before there were lots of flash cars about and there were lots of
moments when we thought they were going to come out of the Hall, but sadly
it didn’t happen. I waited for an hour, but didn’t get to see them-perhaps
next time?
 I really enjoyed this concert!!! If I had one criticism it was that I
really missed Jerry Dale McFadden not being there.  In addition to his
brilliant piano playing he’s such an extrovert and really brings the stage
to life. I hope we’ll see him at the next concert.
 Thanks Guys for a great night!!!!!!!!
By Hannah Tobin- May 1999

Hannah with Robert