FOXWOODS, second night

From Greg Scearce {c}
Hi kids,

Foxwoods, a second night!  What more can I say, since Susanna, Sue,
and soon Paul, will have said it all.

The set list followed identically that of the first night, until the
acoustic set came up, when Raul announced that he had had a request
the night before.  As it turns out, it was our friend from the MML,
Mary Lou, who had requested it.  "Volver, Volver" done with such style
and heartbreakingly beautiful vocals, and masterful pauses and
sustained notes, that it literally blew the vinyl version away.

In adding "Volver", Raul dropped the acoustic version of "Fool #1"
which I think is one of the three best songs on the new CD, but Robert
promises that we'll see the full orchestrated version of "Fool" out on
the road this year.

He rounded out the acoustic set with "Dream River" as he had the first
night.  Again, it captured the audience so well and so completely.

The set continued with the same lineup as the first night, and encores
were the same four songs.  Tonight, the encore became two, and the
version of "La Mucura" added some flourishes that the boys had worked
up in sound check that afternoon, including Raul climbing up on
Jaime's riser to bang rhythmically on his cowbell and bongos, and some
things that the Havana Horns had been practicing.

All in all, this second show was much better than the first night, and
I'm very glad that I stayed for both.  The audience was infinitely
more receptive this time, and there wasn't quite so much "sellling" of
the new material required.  Yeah, some people out in the audience were
heard grumbling about not hearing any of the old material, but on the
whole, the feel tonight was completely different and much improved.
And the place was packed, almost a complete sellout.  Go Mavs!