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Another Big Dilemma for Country Radio
Or, Review of the Mavericks new album, working title "TRAMPOLINE" MCA
catalog no.  MCAD-70018A Produced by Raul Malo and Don Cook

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This is a must-have addition to the Mavs' work.  The vibe is this:
What if the Beatles had grown up in Cuba listening to Roy Orbison,
Elvis and the Byrds on the late-night radio from Miami?  You are going
to need to hear this one!

It's Music For All Occasions+.  It's growth and stretch, it's
quintessential Mavericks.  It's gonna be a real puzzler for country
radio.  There's no pigeonhole for this, they explore so many genres
and they ain't country.  Mavs fans will love it.   Raul is in great
voice, the guitar and rhythm sections are smokin', and Jerry Dale's
keyboards come through, and on top of it all, just at the right times
there are tasty big horn licks and string sections.  This is going to
be a killer tour!  It'll be a squeeze to get the additional musicians
in the smaller clubs, but it'll be worth it!

It's FUN!
It's dancin' music.
The in-studio videos are gonna kick ass.
Do I hear congas?

1. Dance the Night Away is planned to be the first single for the
European market.  It is full of beautiful Cuban-sounding horns and
saxes.  Written by Raul Malo.  4:22.

2. Tell Me Why  - featuring killer R & B horns and guitar intro, and
big harmonies. Written by Raul Malo.  3:47.

3. I Should Know  - Imagine Mexican trumpets with Beatles harmonies
and feel. Written by Raul Malo and Al Anderson.  3:07.

4. Someone Should Tell Her  - Cuban trumpets, driving bass, Jerry Lee
Lewis piano chops as embellished by Mr. McFadden. Written by Raul Malo
and Al Anderson.  3:05.

5. To Be With You  A very Orbison, very Raul, song, with echoes of
"Oh What A Thrill", and a sweet backing chorus.  This is planned to be
the first US single, to be released January 13, 1998.  Written by Raul
Malo and James House.  3:50.

6. I've Got This Feeling    Strings, big band sound and big vocals
with the great Nick Kane on "Santana" guitar.   Written by Raul Malo
and Jaime Hanna.  3:45.

7. Fool #1 - Bluesy, strings, xylophone, nice bass bottom line from
Robert, cool Deakin snare, jazz guitar.  This is going to be a hit
single later on, no question. Written by Raul Malo and Al Anderson.

8. I Don't Even Know Your Name   This is the one that all the guys
co-wrote.  A very "Byrds" jangly Roger McGuinn guitar sound.  Written
by Raul Malo, Robert Reynolds, Paul Deakin, Nick Kane, and Jerry Dale
McFadden.  3:08.

9. I Hope You Want Me Too   Very Latin trumpets and cowbell rhythm,
wahwah guitar, Beatles-influenced vocal harmonies, and sitar!  Written
by Jaime Hanna and Ken Alphin.  4:53.

10. Melbourne Mambo (instrumental)   Tropical Flutes and nice piano
from Jerry Dale. Written by Raul Malo.  4:13.

11. Dolores.  This one has an old-tyme movie/Jolson feel with Raul
singing into a megaphone.  You can just see the smiles on their faces
as they recorded this one.  Dixieland clarinet solos a la Woody Allen
movie tracks coupled with a player piano sound and banjo complete the
picture.  This must have been fun to record, it's very Mavs, just
doin' what feels good. Written by Raul Malo.  3:48.

12. Save a Prayer - a spiritual, with choir, rockin' hand-clappin'
up-tempo piano, guitar, horns.  You'll be amazed. Written by Raul
Malo.  5:06

13. Dream River -just a very mellow Raul in vocal perfection, and his
acoustic guitar.  From the movie "The Horse Whisperer". Written by
Raul Malo and Kostas.  3:47.

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