Hello Friends!!

ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! You all are not gonna believe this album...TRAMPOLINE!! It is simply incredible and put it mildly.
Words can't describe this album....Greg and Chris were right...YOU MUST HEAR   IT FOR YOURSELF!!! Well, I am going to try my best to put this all into words...I can't describe it like Greg using other artists as comparisons, so this is based on feelings folks! I'm 18 years old, a freshman in college and I listen to all forms of music...and I'VE NEVER, EVER heard anything like this. Sit back and enjoy the ride...I'm SO EXCITED!!!!

1. DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY...So cool and catchy, and it lives up to the title! It makes you feel like you want to dance and it is such a happy song. "I just wanna dance the night away...with senoritas that can sway." The melody and harmonies are infectious and they stick in your head instantly. You'll find yourself singing this one over and over again!! The saxes are really cool and add a wonderful touch. Definitely single material!!

2. TELL ME WHY...Unfortunately, I didn't get to hear this song

3. I SHOULD KNOW...A very smooth and classy song during the verses, but the chorus features killer harmonies and very cool guitar from Mr. Nick Kane! And the words are haunting, yet the way they are sung don't evoke that image. It is a cool contrast. Another possible single!

4. SOMEONE SHOULD TELL HER...Again very catchy and upbeat...Catchy is the key to this whole album. Classic Mavericks...sad lyrics, upbeat melody. Flies like All You Ever Do, but is beyond compare. Also very cool horns compliment this song. Cool Jerry Dale keyboard in the background as well.

5. TO BE WITH YOU...The one most of us have heard; the first US single. Very Roy Orbsion, with an O What A Thrill slow cha-cha feel. Vintage Mavericks...the most familiar sound on this album; evokes visions of What A Crying Shame album.
This beautiful ballad is definitely the perfect compliment to the new sound.

6. I'VE GOT THIS FEELING...This is one that's gonna have to grow on you. Sounds like slow and dramatic big band music. Very grand vocals by Raul and the backup singers. Definitely unique, but very cool!!

7. FOOL #1...Did someone say Elvis?? Wow! This song is very mellow musically, but very dramatic and punchy vocally. Raul really belts it out. Nice strings in the background and Nick's guitar is very classy. Gotta love Paul's jazz snare (I agree Greg).

8. I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOUR NAME...If I had to pick, this the BEST song on the album. Along with DTNA, you will listen to this song over and over and over again. It takes just one listen to grow on you, but it makes your feelings grow more and more each time you hear it. This song was written by all five of the guys. It makes your heart flutter and you feel the giddy feelings of love. I don't know why this song hits me so, but it gives me this incredible, undescribably feeling. Sounds more like something you would hear on pop radio...but hell, that's how the whole album is!! This could be a huge hit!!

9. I HOPE YOU WANT ME TOO...Also very incredible...Right up with DTNA and IDEKYN. Lots of cool instruments (sitar?) and even a cowbell. Kinda slow, but cool, catchy (again <G>) and classy. Kinda romantic and yes, a song you'd wanna play for someone you are falling in love with. Would make someone take notice to you!! Definite hit material!

10. MELBOURNE MAMBO...A nice mellow, Cuban song. Sounds like tropical wind instruments. Nice Jerrry Dale piano and Mexican guitar (or something like that). Makes you want to do that...MAMBO!! And yet, it is Nice driving and relaxing music.

11. DOLORES...This will also take some getting used to, but it is a neat song. I love the megaphone touch. And it sounds like something you would hear in a movie from the early 1900s. I like it better each time I hear it. Saloon music at its best!

12. SAVE A PRAYER...Hallelujah, praise the Mavericks. I never thought the Mavs could do spiritual, but boy oh boy was I wrong. This is a foot-stomping, hand clapping tune with an awesome backing course. Makes me want to get up and sing in church!

13. DREAM RIVER...Beautiful Raul vocals and acoustic guitar. Sounds like a lullaby he wrote for his boys. They sure are lucky to have a father who can sing this to them!

As I look back on this review, I realize that I haven't nearly captured my feelings towards this album. That's how incredible it is! I also need to tip my hat to Robert and Paul for laying out the awesome rhythms. I am a drummer and their efforts are stellar and dynamic. All of the boys are so tight on this album..and Folks, you HAVE TO hear this album. The boys have outdone themselves greatly. Although they are magnificent works, WACS and MFAO don't even compare to this. Everything just hits you instantly...only two songs will have to grow on me...the rest, pardon me, kicks ass!! Hands down, the best album I've ever heard. It ain't country and country radio probably won't play it. But what the heck do they know? This is cool, fun, incredible, creative music. And its should be listened to and loved by all....


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