By me ;-)


Just to give a bit of backround......
The day before we to leave, I took ill with a killer ear infection, went
to the doctor and got taken care of it, we thought!
We started driving wednesday morning and stopped about 5 hours later.
Which was good because  I ended up in the hospital that night. Once they
gave me some heavy duty pain killers {heheheh} I was fine :-) I was very
worried about the rest of the trip but asked the doctor about it and he
said that the only problem would be that I would hear the concert ala
mono mode since I cant hear a thing out of my left ear. So that was good
enough for me, and off we went.........
We got to Chautauqua on friday at 7;30. The area they call.......god's
country. It was gorgeous, very ritzy, upper class village {no cars
allowed} only bikes, or by walking.
The place was packed when we got there, but still managed to find seats
3 rows back, on the side of the stage.
Steve Wariner? hit the stage for about an hour.
Unfortunatly, do to one of MANY house cameras were
allowed :-(
Could'nt even bring a pop can in wth us, one lady blew up at
Roxanna....{daddy was impressed}NOT!
Mavs hit the stage at 9;45 and the song list was........
~ Dance the night away
~Tell me why
~I should know
~New pretend
~tonight the bottle let me down
~Missing you
~Kumbaya {hehe as a joke}
~Foolish Heart
~Crying Shame
~There goes my heart
~All you ever do is bring me down
~Twist and Shout
~La macura

The guys were in great form, I cant comment much on the sound as i
coulnt hear very well.
Not to many people up and dancing but by the 3rd song I was shakin my
bootie :-)
The set was very short, just under an hour {house rules again, no music
after 11}
Outback I heard al about the tramps show!! How great it must have been,
the guys enjoyed themselves I know that.
We had a nice chat with paul and Robert, Roxanna had brought flowers for
Robert so he was very happy about that {made Roxanna'a night}
Ran into Nick,, stopped for a photo.
Also ran into Scottie, very friendly chatty fellow {was our first time
meeting him}
Didnt get to see Raul, he was under the weather and resting on the bus/

So to rap things up, aside from no pictures to show for, and only
hearing one side of things{hehe}
It was a great night musically. I wont return to this venue, way to
stricked for my taste {especialy on kids} but we still had a great time.
I should have pictures back in a few days