BBC Radio 2 - September 22 1999
Raul Malo Interview
CMA Awards, Nashville
Interview by Nick Barraclough

NB: Well, as I suggested earlier on in the programme, you never know who you are going to meet. It's not necessarily the runners and riders of the Awards show who are here, a lot of people I'm seeing are old friends.  One of those is Raul Malo from the Mavericks, who has joined us. Raul, what brings you along?
RM: Well, I think the free beer brings me along to the Awards show! No, actually it's a great place to see the old  buddies, we don't get to see one other... People think that just because you live in Nashville you get to see all your friends all the time, but no, everybody's working, everybody's touring and you never see any of your old pals, so I came out to hang out.
NB: How are the Mavericks coping with their low nominations in this year's Awards?
RM: Oh, we're doing just fine actually, we're OK with it, you know. It's..they've never been that important to us, just because music is a much more special thing than an awards show and any particular award. We've been lucky to win a couple in the past and I'm grateful and right there that's more than most people ever get, so in a sense, you know, its not like I feel weird about it at all I'm relieved, I'm glad somebody has the pressure to answer questions this year and all that stuff.
NB: It is a pressure isn't it?
RM: Yeah it does put on a.... you know you can't really enjoy yourself that much, you know, and this year, you know, I'm just having a ball.
NB: And we're getting very excited about this tour that you've got planned starting October 19th in the UK. Not the Mavericks, but you with, with whom...?
RM: Well I'm gonna be playing acoustically and I'm gonna be doing some songs that people have heard, some that they haven't, some of my favourite covers. Kim Richey is going to be joining me, yeah, she's going to be opening up the shows and she'll be playing her set, and then we'll probably do a couple of duets together and whatnot, and its a lot of fun. During the Mavericks shows there's a part in the performance where we break it down and I do a couple of songs acoustically and I always get asked by fans 'why don't you do more?', 'why don't you do a show like that?' Because here in Nashville there's a place called the Bluebird that's kind of a haven for songwriters and the shows are real intimate and you can tell stories about the songs and that kind of thing, and fans really get a kick out of it and this tour just came about just really from fans requesting it and that kind of thing so we were like 'alright, we'll just go out and do it'.
NB: I've heard some rumours about songs you are covering, like a Peter and Gordon song! I thought they were long dead and buried, those songs.
RM: Well they were and then, you know, somebody suggested 'you know, maybe you guys should do this song' and we took a listen to it and we were like 'yeah well let's do it this way' so we changed it around a little bit, kind of made it more fit our style, but it still is a great song
NB: Which one is it?
RM: World Without Love
NB: It is a good song.   It is a great song.
RM: It's written by McCartney, Lennon & McCartney, so I mean it's not too bad a song. It really worked out well. I like the version that we did, it's quite different.
NB: We're looking forward to it. Have a good time tonight and we're looking forward to seeing you next month
RM: Thanks, thank you